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  • This 61sec video is a visual depiction of UTS’s RNA Uncensored International Women’s Day event, no dialogue included. To mark International Women's Day, RNA’s Uncensored series hosted a panel discussion event with Australian Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, UTS’s Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa and University of Sydney’s Ghena Krayem to discuss how deficiencies in our power structures, politics and laws are underserving women from diverse and minority communities.

    Scene 1: The video pans around UTS’s Gender Equity Showcase space located in the foyer area of UTS’s Building 1. There is one person wearing a backpack walking through the space.

    Caption reads, ‘UTS Uncensored, International Women’s Day 2022’.

    Scene 2: Footage of wall art at UTS’s Gender Equity Showcase space which states ‘Gender equity belongs to everybody’.

    Scene 3: A sequence of footage shots that feature, a stack of gender-equity branded stickers, two condoms and an RNA campaign postcard that states, ‘Silence hides violence’ sitting on a table that’s covered in a black tablecloth, followed by footage of wall art which states ‘Respect@work’.

    Scene 4: The panel of guest speakers and moderator appear on screen. From left to right:  University of Sydney’s Associate Professor Ghena Krayem appears on a monitor screen, Senior Lecturer at UTS’s Faculty of Law Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa and Australian Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi and panel facilitator Verity Firth, UTS’s Pro Vice-Chancellor (Social Justice and Inclusion) all sit on chairs at the top of UTS’s Gender Equity Showcase space.  

    Scene 5: Associate Professor Ghena Krayem speaks to the camera.

    Scene 6: Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa speaks into the microphone to address the audience while  Senator Mehreen Faruqi looks on.

    Scene 7: Overview shot of the seated audience members listening to the panellists speaking.

    Scene 8: Verity Firth, UTS’s Pro Vice-Chancellor (Social Justice and Inclusion) addresses the audience by speaking into the microphone while Senator Mehreen Faruqi and Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa look on.

    Scene 9: Senator Mehreen Faruqi addresses the audience by speaking into the microphone while the other two panellists look on.

    Scene 10: Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa addresses the audience by speaking into the microphone while the other two panellists look on.

    Scene 11: Verity Firth addresses the panel by speaking into the microphone.

    Scene 12: A group shot of the panel speakers, facilitator and event organisers standing against the wall posing for a group photograph, from left to right: Jennifer Kiely, UTS’s RNA Communications Advisor, Verity Firth, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, UTS’s RNA Program Manager Catharine Pruscino, Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa, UTS’s Gender Equity Programs Manager, Dr Bilquis Ghana and RNA volunteer Mary Alice Campbell.

    Scene 13: A sequence of shots of the panel speakers, facilitator and event organisers standing around talking to each other in front of the wall art in the showcase space.

    Scene 14: An animated drawing unfolding on the screen that depicts the event’s discussion points via a series of visual illustrations set against a pink and purple background.

    Main caption reads, ‘UTS Uncensored’.

    Scene 15: Respect.Now.Always. logo.

    Scene 16: Sh8peshifters logo.



  • PERSON 1: We know your Orientation week isn’t exactly as you pictured it, but we still want to take this opportunity to welcome you to UTS and thank you for choosing us. And seeing as we won’t get to speak to each other in person this week - we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to RNA – to give you an idea of who we are, and what we do ….  

    PERSON 2: Welcome to our UTS community. Whether your home is a 13-hour flight away in Chennai, an hour’s commute from Western Sydney or around the corner from our city campus – we want UTS to feel like home for you.   

    PERSON 3: And a key part of that, is ensuring you feel safe whenever and wherever you’re studying or working within our community.   

    PERSON 4: UTS has an ongoing commitment to putting community safety first, for all students and staff. This means creating an environment where there’s no space for disrespectful behaviour or sexual violence of any kind.   

    PERSON 5: This is where RNA comes into play … RNA is Respect.Now.Always.... a national campaign that encourages a culture of respectful behaviour by talking about issues like the role of ethical and active bystanders, and the importance of clear communication and consent.   

    PERSON 6: We’re trying to have these conversations within a broader discussion around a culture of respect and consent. And here’s how we’re going about it.   

    PERSON 7: The RNA team works with an amazing group of staff and student volunteers on a variety of initiatives focused on shifting attitudes and changing behaviours. In recent years we’ve introduced mandatory Consent Matters training for all staff and students, a 24/7 sexual assault support phone line, and a 24/7 female security presence with first responder training as well as an out of business hours counselling service to name a few.   

    PERSON 8: So now that you’re up to speed with RNA, ask yourself what actions can I take to help create a safe and respectful environment for me and my community to work, study and live in?  

    PERSON 9: As one person, you can actually make a big difference to help shift attitudes and develop respectful relationships with your peers, lecturers, tutors and community.    

    PERSON 10: For example, you can call out offensive behaviour when you see it or offer to support someone who you saw being disrespected or mistreated.   

    PERSON 11: You can make sure you seek consent in your everyday interactions. Always respect the needs and boundaries of your friends, partners and peers.  

    PERSON 12: And be clear in your communication when you're expressing your own needs and wants. Set boundaries around anything that doesn't feel right. It's about knowing what you need to feel comfortable and respecting that.  

    PERSON 13: Want to know more about RNA? Well, you’ll be happy to know we run lots of events and activities throughout the year - like our famous ice cream activations at the start of session where we chat with students about everything from sexual consent to bystander intervention and university supports. All while spooning out the sweet stuff – with consent of course!  

    PERSON 14: Keen to learn more or follow what we’re up to? Join the R.N.A. conversation. Head to our website at or pop along to one of our events soon.   

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  • 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

    Various UTS students staring at the camera with solemn background music.

    “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Audrey Hepburn

    Orange the world.

    UTS students show their hands with orange paint.

    Orange the world. End violence against women.

    Respect. Now. Always. Content always matters.

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