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Engage with our game-changing researchers and develop on practical innovations for your organisation. We draw on and across our research disciplines and growing network of partners to develop solutions that make a difference.

Some of our industry specialisations

  • Healthcare

    Driving health innovation and biomedical technologies across the industry.

    Gloved hands syringing liquid into tubes
  • Information technology

    Helping businesses work more efficiently and maximise their productivity.

  • Infrastructure

    Innovations to build sustainable and efficient infrastructure.

    High-rise buildings and intersection
  • Energy

    Powering the transition to smart, clean and equitable energy futures for all.

    Solar panels on suburban rooftops
  • Water

    Building for the challenges of delivering clean water in Australia and internationally.

    Photo of a tap issuing water resistance. from
  • Community services

    Helping build stronger families and resilient communities at home and overseas.

    Elderly couple sitting by the water
  • Food and agriculture

    Addressing issues across the supply chain and associated human and ecological drivers of change.

    Farm photo
  • Defence

    Creating technology to protect Australia against physical and cyber threats.

    digital screen with cyber attack written

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