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Our researchers drive research that makes a difference to the world we live in. Our diverse expertise covers a wide range of research areas including future industries, health and sustainability.

Discover some of our research areas

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Driving advances in biomedical, medical devices, infectious diseases, nursing, public health and policy

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Future industries

Revolutionising society through artificial intelligence, data science, robotics and advanced manufacturing

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Creating a better future with innovation in climate change, water, energy and environmental science

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Building more sustainable and liveable environments by improving construction, design, technology and utilities management

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Strengthening organisations and society with a focus on social justice, Indigenous, public policy and business

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Exploring the unexpected fields of game-changing knowledge across disciplines

Working together for impact

Fang Chen: Because we’re young and vibrant, we probably have less rigid processes or thinking patterns to say we have to follow x, y and z. But we say we solved it by getting it done.

Ramona Vijeyarasa: So we don’t get bogged down in the books and the cases and the journal articles, but we take those ideas off the pages and we try to make sure that those messages have real world impact and bring about social change.

Peter Ralph: We don’t work in silos. At UTS, we’re able to move between different disciplines and find the really exciting gold and exploit that for industry and government’s purposes.

Ramona Vijeyarasa: At UTS when people are open-minded to work outside their own discipline, that’s when collaboration is at its best.

Fang Chen: UTS is focussed very much on industry partnerships because those are the avenues for us to deliver impact to the society.

Peter Ralph: Some of the characteristics of research at UTS is our ability to be agile. We can adapt and change and we work really closely with industry. By working with industry it allows us to actually transform society and have great impact.

Contact us


Phone: +61 2 9514 9681


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