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    The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies is something you can only do as a combined
    degree, so you have to combine it with one of 29 other degree offerings across the university.


    Generally it adds two years to your course. One of those years is one where you'll be spending it overseas at one of our partner universities, so at a host university in one of our different locations across the world.

    So I was super lucky to be one of the first two students that went to Berlin to study which is 
    such a vibrant and liberal city. It was just like the most rewarding experience.

    I really liked the way my core degree and the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies work
    together because the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science is quite full on as a science degree and being able to go into my International Studies classes was a really good break and it kept me really interested and motivated at university. Knowing also that I had a year abroad coming up that was also a really big motivation.


    The sorts of skills that our students will develop whilst doing that immersive in country studies year, they will really set them up for leadership and management type roles within all sorts of professions all sorts of careers.

    I moved to Ghana as a skilled volunteer. It was really closely aligned with the skills I learnt at UTS.


    While I was there I wanted to do more in the development sector so I decided to start up a business. I founded a ethical streetwear label called Idey Koko. It's all made by a collective of seamstresses and tailors based in Accra which is the capital and it's a way for them to generate more income than they otherwise would.

    My advice to future students that are looking at studying the Bachelor of Arts in International
    Studies would be if you love travel, its a great degree to be able to do. I spent my in country in Buenos Aires in Argentina. I see it as a point of difference because I can speak another language and also I now have a different skillset than just having a sports science skillset skills such as resilience and adaptability, flexibility, independence, which I developed overseas, and that was all part of my university studies which I think is fantastic.


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